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Mt. Timpanogos in Utah, taken from Deer Creek Reservoir.  On the left you can see the beginning outline of the Princess lying on the mountain with her hair cascading down the slope.


      The chapter was given the name "Princess Timpanogos", honoring a legendary Indian maiden.  The name Timpanogos had been used for the Provo River and Utah Lake.  It was also the name of a local tribe of Indians, and is the name of an 11,750 foot high mountain overlooking the Utah Valley.

One interpretation of the Indian word "Timpanogos" is "sleeping lady", the form of which the Indians saw in the silhouette of the mountain.  Their legends tell of an Indian princess who was sacrificed to the gods.  A secret lover followed her to the precipice where she was to leap to her death.  Thinking he was a god, she followed him and she learned he was not a god but a fellow being, subject to human frailties.  She then realized she had not completed her mission and obligation to her gods and her people, and she thereupon leaped to her death.


The huge red heart in a large cave in Mt. Timpanogos is an immense stalactite in the shape and color of a heart.  An Indian legend says this formation is the blending of two bleeding hearts, that of the Princess and her lover


On February 1, 1960, a meeting was held at the home of Utah State Regent Mrs. Palmer H. Cushman in Salt Lake City to organize a fourth chapter in Utah.  Mrs. Cushman felt that another chapter was greatly needed which would also serve women in other areas of the state, particularly the Provo area, and to provide Mormon women the opportunity to join the DAR.  Application papers for 30 women had been approved by the National Board of Management, and on this day a telegram from the Organizing Secretary General was read to the 17 women present stating that the chapter would be confirmed at the February 3 national board meeting.


Within the year, women from the Provo area began joining the chapter, and until 1987,meetings were held alternately between the two cities.  The first meeting in Provo was held November 6, 1961.  The chapter had an initial membership of 30 and had grown to 101 by 1977.  In 1978 several members went at-large to help form the new Lake Bonneville Chapter (now merged with the Uintah Chapter), and in 1987, 21 members living in the Provo area transferred into the Wasatch Range Chapter of Provo.  Because of high gas prices and other considerations, it became more convenient and economical not to drive the 50 miles between the two cities.


Chapter Officers


Frances Merrill

Vice Regent

Carol Howard


Harriet Rasmussen

Recording Secretary

Lynda Smith


Marelynn Zipser


Elaine Janeway


Shirley Nelson


Gillian Dickensen


(as taken from page 26 of handbook)

Applicant for membership must be no less than 18 years of age. She shall prove lineal blood line descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence. She must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage and death. Research assistance is available from Chapter Registrar and other officers. Acceptable service of patriots:

* Signers of the Declaration of Independence

* Military Service

* Civil Service

* Patriotic Service

Eligible children may join the Children of the American Revolution, then advance to Junior Membership at age 16.

When reaching age 18, Junior members become Daughters of the American Revolution.

Our Patriots

Daughter Patriot, Rank & State
Barbara Dalby Henry Abrahams Jr., 2nd Lt, PA
Frances Gooley William Baskett, 2nd Lt/PS, VA
Patricia Jessie John Bridgham, Capt., MA
Jennifer Gray Gideon Burdick, Pvt, NY
Mary Hamblin Gideon Burdick, Pvt, NY
Melissa Holbrook Gideon Burdick, Pvt, NY
Carol Jeanfreau Gideon Burdick, Pvt, NY
Mary Olson Gideon Burdick, Pvt, NY
Frances Merrill Alexander Caldwell Jr, Pvt, PA
LeNae Boyett John Carter, Soldier, VA
Mary Alice Brinley John Carter, Soldier, VA
Frances Gooley Warren Cash, Pvt, VA
Stephanie Martin Warren Cash, Pvt, VA
Edna Richards Barnabas Lathrop Chipman, Pvt, VT
Elaine Janeway Richard Claiborne, Brg. Major, VA
Marilyn Barker Dominicus Covenhoven, NJ
Gillian Dickensen Jacob Dick, Pvt, PA
Christine Wiggins John Dockstader, Corporal, NY
Mary Roberts Jesse Gammon, Pvt, NC
Wendy Hacking Levi Goodwin, Pvt, CT
Judy Mayfield Levi Goodwin, Pvt, CT
Krista McDonough Levi Goodwin, Pvt, CT
Shirley Nelson Levi Goodwin, Pvt, CT
Elvira White Levi Goodwin, Pvt, CT
Lynda Smith Joseph Greenway, Lt./PS, PA
Kathleen England Elijah Hanks, Pvt & PS, CT
Verla Cope Thomas Hiscock, Pvt, MA
Elaine Holbrook John Holbrook, Pvt, MA
Leah Mancini Horace Hooker, PS, CT
Nena Reisner William Knick, Pvt, MD
Jerry Niederhauser Daniel Knowlton, Lt/PS, CT
Marelynn Zipser Thomas Nelson, Soldier, VA
Frances Gooley John Pace, PS, VA
Jerry Niederhauser Abijah Perry, Pvt, NH
Beverly Layton Jacob Putnam Sr., PS, NH
Jerry Niederhauser Johannes Quattlebaum, CS, SC
Helen Clayton Bernard Reynolds, Pvt, VA
Lynne McDonough Joseph Richards, Pvt, MA
Harriet Rasmussen Joseph Richards, Pvt, MA
Judy Turner Levin Savage, Pvt, NC
Dorothy Hudman Israel Shreve, Colonel, NJ
Harriet Arrington Samuel Smith, Sr., PS, MA
Heidi Swinton Samuel Smith, Sr., PS, MA
Frances Gooley John Straughn, Pvt, VA
Margery Gold Henry Thomas, Pvt, VA
Diana Lee Simeon Walker, Pvt, CT
Marianne McDonough Simeon Walker, Pvt, CT
Mary Hansen Joseph Wallace, PS, NC
Berenice Morris Reuben Warriner, Corporal, MA
Lynne McDonough Daniel West, Corporal, MA
Camillia Olson Oliver Wheeler, Pvt, MA
Elizabeth Roybal Edlyne Willoughby, Pvt, VA
Sonja Roybal Edlyne Willoughby, Pvt, VA
Cherie Barnes John Woodbury, Pvt, MA
Carol Howard John Woodbury, Pvt, MA


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