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Salt Lake Valley Chapter was granted its charter on April 18th, 1959.   In 1991 the chapter began its Bill of Rights (BOR) savings account, to support the awards and scholarships for worthy individuals.  A Chapter Patriot Book was published as our DAR Centennial Project.


Throughout its existence, the chapter has presented a variety of programs, always keeping in mind the goals and objectives of the National Society.  All chapter members participate in DAR sponsored programs to insure our children's children the blessings of liberty.


Our chapter meetings are currently held on the third Saturday of each month, Fall through Spring, except December, March and April at 1:00 p.m.  If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact Regent Dorothy Williams for location information.




Chapter Officers 2012-2014


Dorothy Williams

Vice Regent

Vickie Fuller


Constance MacKinnon

Recording Secretary

Lori Howell

Corresponding Secretary

Lori Howell


Hazel Peterson


Patricia Fullerton


Darle Taylor


Lucy Peterson


The Salt Lake Valley Chapter draws it's membership mainly from the Murray and Midvale

areas of the Salt Lake Valley.

Applicant for membership must be no less than 18 years of age. She shall prove lineal blood line descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence. She must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage and death. Research assistance is available from Chapter Registrar and other officers. Acceptable service of patriots:

* Signers of the Declaration of Independence

* Military Service

* Civil Service

* Patriotic Service

Eligible children may join the Children of the American Revolution, then advance to Junior Membership at age 16.

When reaching age 18, Junior members become Daughters of the American Revolution.

 If you’re interested in Membership, please contact our Regent, Vickie Fuller t o learn more about becoming a member of the DAR.

Our Patriots

Daughter Patriot, Rank, State of Service
Patricia Fullerton Rhoda Allen, PS, NC
Carol Goodale Amos Austin, Pvt, CT
Constance MacKinnon Peter Biter, Cpl, MA
Eleanor Barrell Valentine Boyer, Sr., Pvt, PA
Marilyn Kurt Samuel Bradford, Pvt, MD
Nancy Hildebrand Carter Braxton, Signer D of I/PS, VA
Alice Astroth

Robert Buckles Sr., PS, VA

Glenette Louton Constantine Clarkson, Pvt, VA
Janis McCoid Constantine Clarkson, Pvt, VA
Annell McCoid David Clarkson, PS, VA
Janis McCoid David Clarkson, PS, VA
Patricia Fullerton Thomas Clayton, PS, VA
Janis McCoid Peter Clute, Pvt/PS, NY
Lucille Peterson Samuel Coy, Pvt, CT
Constance Lockhart Ezekiel Crane, Capt, NJ
Barbara Dolphin Joseph Crane, Lt, NJ
Barbara Dolphin Samuel Crane, Pvt, NJ
Jane Garrett William Dewey, Cpl, CT & NH
Patricia Fullerton Esau Dodson, Pvt, NC
Lucia Chesley Benjamin Downs, Pvt, CT
Anastasia Steere Samuel Etter, Soldier, PA
Charlotte Holbrook Johann Adam Feuerbach, Pvt, PA
Linda Curtis Aaron Gates, Pvt, MA
Janis McCoid Aaron Gates, Pvt, MA
Barbara Neal William Godfrey, Pvt, SC
Krista Jeppsen Nathan Hamilton, Capt, MA
Kay Christiansen William Hardwick, Sr., Sgt/PS, SC
Alice Astroth

Daniel Hendricks, Sgt., VA

Alice Astroth

James Hendricks, PS, VA

Anastasia Steere Daniel Henning, Sgt, PA
Alice Astroth

Henry Henry, CS, VA

Patricia Fullerton William Elisha Herring, CS, SC
Anastasia Steere John Hilton Jr., Artificer, DE
Anastasia Steere John Hilton Sr., PS, MD
Darle Taylor Weight Hopkins, Maj, VT
Bridget Duffy William Horney, PS, NC
Cheryl Thomson Alexander Irwin, Capt, GA
Martha Kay Isaac Johnson, Cpl, VA
Patricia Fullerton John Johnston, CS/PS, SC
Patricia Fullerton David Jones, Pvt, NC
Claire Schupbach Daniel Kimball, PS, NH
Anastasia Steere Conrad Koiner, Ensign, PA
Anastasia Steere Michael Koiner, PS, PA
Patricia Fullerton Andrew Liddell, Pvt, SC
Patricia Fullerton James Liddell, CS/PS, SC
Alice Astroth

Thomas Lafferty, Soldier/PS, VA

Julie Varoz Ethelbert Child Lyon, Pvt/Minute Man, MA
Janis McCoid Richard/Dirk Marselis, PS, NY
Anastasia Steere Jacob Matter Sr., 2nd Lt, PA
Patricia Fullerton Jesse Maxey, Pvt, VA
Patricia Fullerton Walter Maxey, Sr., PS, VA
Kathleen Naswrothy Mary Gaston McClure, PS, SC
Kay Christiansen Frizzell McTeer, Sgt, VA
Harri Smith Frizzell McTeer, Sgt, VA
Patricia Fullerton Jeremiah/Jesse McWhorter, Sgt, SC
Patricia Fullerton John Miller, Pvt/PS, SC
Glidie Mobley Lawrence Miller, Pvt, VA
Rose Parkinson Moses Moore, Pvt/PS, VA
Vail Smihula Joseph Nation, Pvt, NC
Vickie Fuller Eleazer Nickerson Jr., Pvt, MA
Patricia Fullerton James Nunn, Cpl, VA
Patricia Fullerton Jane Nunn, PS, VA
Barbara Neal William Ormond, CS/PS, NC
Patricia Fullerton Richard Owings, Pvt, SC
Claire Schupbach Robert Page, PS, VA
Karri Krattley Timothy Kearl Parcher, Soldier, MA
Alice Astroth

Benjamin Parker, PS, VA

Hazel Peterson Isaac Parker, Sgt, CT
Dorothy Williams Robert Parker Jr., Sgt, NH
Patricia Fullerton Martin Phillips, PS, VA
Barbara Neal Joshua Preston, Pvt, VA
Bonnie Cervino Boyce John Prudden, Pvt, NH
Alice Astroth

James Ralston, CS/PS, VA

Shaunna Hood Elijah Reed, PS, NY
Marilyn Smythe Elijah Reed, PS, NY
Anna Larsen Stephen Reynolds, Soldier, RI
Linda Shuler Frederick Rice, Pvt, PA
Karen Bateman Benjamin Rolfe, Pvt/PS, NH
Lori Howell Benjamin Rolfe, Pvt/PS, NH
Patricia Fullerton John Ross, Pvt, NC
Patricia Fullerton William Ross, PS, NC
Anastasia Steere Christian Rupp Jr., PA
Laraine Shoemaker John Sarles, Pvt, NY
Mary McCauley Daniel Shedd, Pvt, NH
Dian Harvey Jonathan Shipman, Pvt, CT
Ruth Stone Asa Smith, Pvt, MA
Julie Tisdale Thomas Smith, Pvt, VA
Patricia Hanson William Spicer, Pvt, VA-NC
Betty Lou Manwaring John Stahlman, Pvt, PA
Alice Astroth

John Taylor, PS, VA

Marjorie Crowley John Tisdale, PS, SC
Alice Astroth Adam Turner, Pvt, PA
Janis McCoid David Underwood, Pvt, MA
Elizabeth Toone David Underwood, Pvt, MA
Diana Harvey William Wakefield, Pvt/PS, NH
Anastasia Steere Peter Wolfenbarger, PS, PA

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