The Bear River Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR), welcomes you to our website!

Bear River Chapter NSDAR members focus their time and energy on leadership training, providing scholarship opportunities, recognition of good citizenship, providing patriotic contests and awards, and in enhancing patriotic education.


Unless otherwise noted, our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m.  Please email our chapter regent for more information.

Our Patriots

Alexander, William, VA, LTC
Aust, John, NC, PS
Billings, James, CT, PVT
Bradford, Simeon, VT, CS
Fish, Nathan, MA, PVT
Bushman, John Henry, PA, PVT
Hinds, John, NC, PVT
Hisocok, Thomas, MA, PVT
Hopkins, Elijah, CT, PVT
Horton, William, NY, PVT
Jackson, Jacob, NY, SOL
Johnston, Robert, VT, LTC
Knapp, Moses, CT, PVT
Middelton, Adam, PA, PVT
Minter, John, PA, CAPT
Page, David, NJ, CAPT
Park, William, PA, PVT
Richards, Joseph, MA, PVT
Rohrer, John, PA, PVT
See, Isaac, NY, CPL
Tebbs, William, VA, CS
Terrell, Edmund, VA, CAPT
Terrell, Edmund, VA, CAPT
Whitney, Josiah, Sr., MA, COL



CAPT — Captain
COL — Colonel
CPL — Corporal
CS — Civil Service
LTC – Lieutenant Colonel
PS — Patriotic Service
PVT — Private
SOL — Soldier