Utah DAR Monuments & Markers Series Part VII: Fur Trappers and Traders

Fur trappers and traders were often the first explorers to a region.

James Bridger discovered the Great Salt Lake in 1824 and trapped the streams of this region for many years.

Etienne Provost guided many expeditions into Utah valleys and established trading posts along the shores of the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake.

Jedediah S. Smith made several significant journeys through Utah and publicized South Pass in Wyoming over which thousands of immigrants would later travel.

The dedication of the monument took place on the 100th Anniversary of the arrival of these honored men to the Utah Territory in August 1826.

The explorations of the fur trappers and traders began in Cache Valley and extended to the Salt Lake Valley which was rich in fur-bearing animals.

This monument was originally placed in front of the old St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Warm Springs Park in Salt Lake City, Utah is the current monument location. The Monument is overseen by the Sego Lily Chapter in Bountiful, Utah.