Utah DAR Monuments & Markers Series Part IX: Mountain Dell Plaque

On February 22, 1982, several members of the Utah State Society Daughters of the American Revolution met to see the bronze plaque commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of General George Washington in 1732.
The plaque was dedicated by Mrs. James “Joyce” Gordon, Uintah Chapter, NSDAR.  
The plaque is located in the Mountain Dell State Park and Golf Course next to the Washington (upper) Pavilion in Parley’s Canyon, about 15 miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah. The plaque is embedded in concrete at ground level.
Two months later, on Arbor Day, April 30, 1982 members of the Utah State Society Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated a beautiful six-foot Colorado Blue Spruce tree planted by the plaque in the Washington Park in the Mountain Dell State Park and Golf Course.
Utah State Regent Mrs. Grant Walter Schaumburg attended. Mrs. Gordon gave a short dedicatory speech and special tribute to General Washington. The Plaque is overseen by the Princess Timpanogos Chapter in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah DAR Monuments & Markers Series Part VIII: Real Daughter Marker

As part of Salt Lake City’s Memorial Day observance, the Spirit of Liberty Chapter, NSDAR, dedicated the grave of Mrs. Elijah Sells (Harriet Jacques Wetmore Sells) on May 10, 1936.
The re-dedication of Mrs. Sells Grave Marker and Headstone took place on May 10, 2018 under the direction of USSDAR State Regent Brenda Reeder.
Harriet Jacques Wetmore Sells was a Real Daughter. A Real Daughter is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution who is also a daughter of a Patriot who fought or assisted the American Revolution.

Her father was Bela Wetmore, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, who served as a sixteen-year-old volunteer. He was a Private in the Third Massachusetts Regiment that served until the end of the war in 1783.

Harriet Jacques Wetmore Sells had a very eventful life.  She had a vivid recollection of the Mexican War. As a young woman, Mrs. Sells attended Ford’s Theater in Washington when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
She married Elijah B. Sells, the former Iowa Secretary of State from 1857-1863 and Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Indian Territory, on May 24, 1875, at Salt Lake City. 
Mrs. Sells was known for her energy, ability, high ideals, loyalty, and love. She was the Organizing Regent of the Spirit of Liberty Chapter, Utah’s original DAR Chapter. At the age of 79, Mrs. Sells was one of forty remaining first-generation Daughters of a Patriot of the American Revolution.
Mrs. Sells had a deep interest in the Daughters of the American Revolution. The Marker is overseen by the Princess Timpanogos Chapter in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Celebrating George Washington

Hello Friends,

Our National Society is the lead sponsor for George Washington’s 289th virtual birthday celebration this year. Mark your calendars to celebrate! The worldwide celebration will take place on Monday, February 22nd at 7 PM EST/5 PM MST.

Here is the webpage: https://www.dar.org/members/dars-partnership-mount-vernon

I hope many of you will join in celebrating the life of our First President.

With patriotic service,

Kathryn Asay,

Utah State Regent

A Piano for Valor House

Hello Friends,

My eyes are filled with tears as I am so happy and very proud of The Utah State Society Daughters of the American Revolution
for their creative piano pin fundraiser organized by the Uintah Chapter to purchase a Traditional/Digitized Piano for our once homeless Veterans who now reside at the Valor House in Salt Lake City. Thank you Utah Daughters for supporting the State Regent’s Piano Project!

Sharing ‘Our Legacy of Love,’ with our community,

Kathryn Asay,

Utah State Regent

Utah DAR Monuments & Markers Series Part VII: Fur Trappers and Traders

Fur trappers and traders were often the first explorers to a region.

James Bridger discovered the Great Salt Lake in 1824 and trapped the streams of this region for many years.

Etienne Provost guided many expeditions into Utah valleys and established trading posts along the shores of the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake.

Jedediah S. Smith made several significant journeys through Utah and publicized South Pass in Wyoming over which thousands of immigrants would later travel.

The dedication of the monument took place on the 100th Anniversary of the arrival of these honored men to the Utah Territory in August 1826.

The explorations of the fur trappers and traders began in Cache Valley and extended to the Salt Lake Valley which was rich in fur-bearing animals.

This monument was originally placed in front of the old St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Warm Springs Park in Salt Lake City, Utah is the current monument location. The Monument is overseen by the Sego Lily Chapter in Bountiful, Utah.

Utah DAR Monuments & Markers Series Part VI: Modern Irrigation Plaque

In July 1847, Utah’s pioneers arrived in the arid west from the east where rainfall supplied enough moisture for crops. One of their initial tasks was to divert water from the Salt Lake Valley streams for irrigation use. Irrigation systems were the key to cultivating crops and surviving in the desert land.

Dedicated on July 31, 1931 by the Utah State Conference Daughters of the American Revolution, the tablet was placed within the half-acre of ground first plowed as identified by pioneer William Carter who held the plow.

The tablet was affixed to a pillar and dedicated 84 years after the event in the lobby of the old Knutsford Hotel. At the time, the facility was known as the Auerbach Building and was occupied by Sears Roebuck Co. department store.

When the building was raised to make way for the Centre Theatre, the tablet was placed on the left wall inside the entrance of the theatre and rededicated on January 5, 1938.

The tablet, now in the form of a monument, is now located in front of the theatre. The Monument is overseen by the Pony Express Chapter in Lehi, Utah.