Utah DAR Monuments & Markers Series Part X: Miller Park Plaque

The plaque details the importance of Red Butte Creek in the establishment of Fort Douglas and recognizes Minnie Miller for her generous contribution of land.
The land where the Miller Bird Refuge and Nature Park sits was given as a wildlife refuge in 1935 by Minnie Viele Miller in honor of her late husband, Lee Charles Miller.
Mrs. Miller was the Utah State Regent, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution from 1915-1920 and an original member of the Spirit of Liberty Chapter, Utah’s first chapter.

Red Butte Creek was a source of potable water for local use. During the 1869 grasshopper invasion, the stream was used to facilitate the destruction of the insects.

The plaque was placed in 1997 during the Centennial Year of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Utah. On Flag Day in 1998, the plaque dedication was overseen by State Regent Sue Anderson Ball.

The Plaque is overseen by the Uintah Chapter in Salt Lake City, Utah.