Fur Trappers and Traders

Hello Friends,

The Fur Trappers and Traders monument is located in Warm Springs Park in Salt Lake City. This marker commemorates the arrival of these explorers  to the Utah Territory.

James Bridger, Etienne Provost, and Jedediah S. Smith were named as the principal leaders on the monument’s bronze marker listing them as discoverers, fur trappers, and traders.

Mrs. George H. Dern, the former Charlotte “Lottie” Brown, who was the Spirit of Liberty Chapter Regent, the past Utah DAR State Regent, and the current First Lady of Utah, unveiled this monument in August 1926.

It was draped with the American Flag in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the arrival of these fur trappers and traders to Utah who were credited with the discovery of the massive Great Salt Lake.

A very special thank you to the State Historian and the Historic Preservation Committee State Chair for their service and  support in the preservation of the DAR Monuments and Markers in Utah.

Preserving Our DAR Legacy,

Kathryn Asay,
Utah State Regent