The Site of a Pony Express Station

Hello Friends,

It is my privilege to work with the members of the Pony Express Chapter and the Sego Lily Chapter on the restoration of a large NSDAR marker commemorating a “Site of a Pony Express Station 1860-1861.” The marker was originally dedicated in 1924 by the Spirit of Liberty Chapter, NSDAR.

Pony Express riders carried mail on horseback 1800 miles in ten days from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. Their ride took them through some of the most desolate country in the Western United States.

Author Mark Twain was purported to be a guest at the Salt Lake Station, one of the most comfortable along the trail that this marker commemorates.

After completion of the street beautification, it is proposed that the marker be placed in a breezeway at the former Salt Lake Tribune Building on 143 South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City which was the original site of the Salt Lake Pony Express Station.

A special thank you to the State Historian and the Historic Preservation Committee State Chair  for their support of the preservation of the DAR Monuments and Markers in Utah.

Preserving Our DAR Legacy,

Kathryn Asay,
Utah State Regent